When we feel great on the inside, we shine on the outside. 

Say goodbye to PERFECTION and a HUGE hello to being REAL!

In today’s society the pressure is on to be perfect in every way.  

Love the REAL You want to change this! 

It’s hard work trying to PERFECT, being REAL is much easier!

REAL happiness and success come easily when we RESPECT, EMBRACE, ACCEPT & LOVE who we really are.

I'm Lara Williams, the founder of Love the REAL You, and I've written A COURSE IN BECOMING POSITIVELY REAL.

I wrote this course out of my concern for the number of girls and young women who are failing to achieve their REAL potential due to not feeling good enough.

The course takes readers through the following six stages towards transforming their thinking:

STAGE 1        Who is the REAL me?

STAGE 2        What is great about the REAL me?

STAGE 3        Am I taking REAL responsibility?

STAGE 4        What is holding the REAL me back?

STAGE 5        How do I stretch to become the REAL me?

STAGE 6        What action do I need to take to become positively REAL? 

If you are, or know someone, who lacks confidence and struggles to feel good about herself, then A COURSE IN BECOMING POSITIVELY REAL will help!  It is a 34 page workbook crammed full of advice, information and exercises.

The E-Course costs just £2.97.  Click on the button below to purchase your copy, and it will be delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.


REAL Inside & Out - 1 day workshop for girls 


This workshop has been created by Lara to help girls kiss goodbye to perfection and say a huge hello to being REAL!

Girls are feeling the pressure to achieve perfection in their appearance and in their education, and its affecting their confidence, self esteem and their ability to be REAL.

They feel pressure from the media to look and behave a certain way and pressure in school to achieve in their education. 

We can't change these external influences, but we can help girls to think and feel differently.

Too many girls are succumbing and growing up behaving in ways that are not REAL.  Instead they are striving to become something or someone they're not, which only leads to unhappiness.

When girls are REAL they stand the greatest chance of achieving REAL happiness & success, and ultimately their REAL potential.

During the morning session we cover how to get REAL on the Inside.

We explore:

  • Why we feel under pressure
  • How we can reduce the pressure
  • Who is the REAL me?
  • What is holding the REAL me back? 

Did you know that healthy and clear skin can be key components to how we think, feel and behave?

The hormonal roller coaster of adolescence is often very apparent in a girl’s skin.  Girls with unhealthy skin can suffer from low confidence and self-esteem, particularly in social situations.

Girls with good skin are less likely to be self-conscious in social situations, and although healthy skin won't fix every problem your daughter encounters, it can certainly give her the confidence boost to put her best foot forward.

Good skin is part of a healthy lifestyle

Unhealthy habits take a toll on us both physically and emotionally.  A poor skin care regime, frequent breakouts, and other skin issues can be symptoms of an unhealthy overall lifestyle.

By making the right choices when it comes to skin care, girls can improve the look and feel of their skin and feel better about themselves

During the afternoon we explore:

  • The importance of a basic skincare regime
  • The secrets to gorgeous healthy skin
  • How to make their own natural face mask

In this session girls will give themselves a mini facial, using REAL natural skincare and the masks they have made.  Whilst the mask is doing its work, I will take them through a relaxing mediation.

Girls leave the day feeling energised & esteemed, with a new set of tools that will help them to think and feel differently, and ultimately increased confidence and self esteem. 

Workshops take place in Dorset.  Contact Lara for details of the next one by emailing

If you're an organisation working with girls and would like to discuss Lara delivering this to your students or clients email